Our clients include churches, non-profit organizations, corporations, and religious broadcasters.
Broadcast AV • Production Studios • Sound Systems • Projectors • Acoustics

Putting together exactly the right system – at the right price

Spectaveris brings you the expertise of a large broadcast integration and consulting firm without the associated cost.

Services blurbWe make it possible for you to:

  • Install an AV or broadcast system closely tailored to your workflow, goals, and vision.
  • Spend as little as possible without compromising system reliability or performance.

Getting your system right

There are two main reasons we excel at designing systems and selecting equipment.

First, we’ve had a decade of experience doing the job your people do. Because we’ve sat in their seats, we know what makes their work easier or harder – what’s absolutely essential and what’s not.

Second, we listen to you. It sounds simple, but it’s critical. What capability do you really want? What are your concerns? What special challenges will you need to address?

By combining our own first-hand experience, the understanding we gain from listening to you, and our in-depth knowledge of what’s available in the market, we put together an integrated system that works the way you envisioned it.

How we keep your costs down
and take the risk out of purchasing

  1. We’re experts at procuring equipment. Over the years we’ve learned which vendors stand behind their products and which products are reliable. It’s hard – in some cases impossible – for you to find this out from reading product reviews and listening to salespeople.
    In addition, we are always doing research on new products. We not only take the risk out of purchasing but save your staff the huge amount of time they would spend talking to multiple vendors and evaluating long lists of equipment options.
  2. Our relationships with vendors allow you to take advantage of pre-negotiated rates and other discounts not available to retail consumers. We also document each step in the procurement process and keep you informed.

Other ways we save you costly headaches

Unless it is economically more feasible to build the system at your facility, we can completely build and test your new system at our own facility. We make sure everything works together and deal immediately with any equipment that fails to perform up to par or has been damaged in shipping.

Having been through many installations, we also know the best sequences and timing for making changes. We avoid beginners’ errors that can end up complicating purchasing and installation.